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IP address is employed by route factories and it is also known as a private address that can be used on a client device efficiently. And this address can be used a default IP address specifying to a part of the network. For working in the Local Area Network (LAN) efficiently, it should be unique. As IP address is used as a private network so it can also be implemented on your own network.

Use of IP addresses

The IP address of is generally used for the business purpose that has been seen in the enterprise computer network as well. It’s also drastically employed in the routers that use the address in the 192.168.x.x IP series like for example; and

How to ‘login’ using the IP Address

If you want to access the IP address through the router, similar steps can be followed as given below:

  1. Firstly, you will have to open any of the browsers in your pc and put the particular IP address Press the enter button after pasting the link from here or you can directly login too by clicking on the link given on this page.
  2. Now enter your username & password and if you have forgotten them, just click on the forget password button and set a new password or username and if you’ve created your own password earlier, will have to change the router setting to access the page.
  3. You can also go on the menu section of the network page and type your username & password via the network provider. You should also have to remember the DNS which is &

Obstacles while connecting to

Sometimes users also face difficulty during the connection with It may occur due to the unresponsive page, incorrect client or devices address etc. You can use the ping command in Windows to know the activity of the device on the local network using Users should note that they can’t connect to a device that lasts beyond its own network and you can’t ping or login to a as well (unless not residing to the local network).

Find Default Router Username and Password List


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